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Sali Walker
Owner, Sali Walker
License. # A.B.697647 HIC


Ms. Walker's work is impeccable. During the renovation we encountered one of the area's worst floods in decades, causing damage and delays throughout Carmel Valley. Most building was at a standstill. Ms. Walker responded proactively; she secured the proper permits, ensured coding standards and kept everything on track, thus avoiding the costly delays that would have lost us revenue over time. Her crew were professional and well organized. The results were spectacular. Ms. Walker's architectural design and expansive vision are complemented by her strong customer orientation and attention to even the slightest detail. In her capable hands the renovation of the Carmel Valley Ranch Resort came together seamlessly.

- Tony Dawson, G.M. Carmel Valley Ranch Resort

Ms. Walker's thorough knowledge of codes and permits enables her to negotiate a project through Plan Check more smoothly than almost anyone and leave authorities very enthusiastic about working with her. She seems to have an instinctive feel for understanding and then translating what a client is looking for. Her technical expertise is well complemented by an attitude which is professional, accommodating and diligent. She adheres to deadlines and financial concerns to provide extraordinary work in even the most demanding situations.

- James A. Penny, Comprehensive Asset Management

It has been my pleasure to have known Sallie Walker for over 10 years and to have had her work for me for approximately 5 of those 10 years in the construction of the Tehama Golf Course and Tehama subdivision.She was responsible for her crew, her equipment, its maintenance and a full accounting of all work done and billings for her work completed to my company, which she accomplished with perfection without exception.

- R.A. Williams, Carmel Development Company